Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bob Schaffer Speaks Out

The thoroughly accomplished former Congressman Bob Schaffer - a man of great character, integrity, and insight - was the guest on the most recent edition of the Aaron Harber Show. It's too late to catch the televised broadcast, but I highly recommend that anyone interested in the political culture and direction of Colorado and our nation catch the episode online (note: current version of Windows Media Player needed).

In my opinion, Schaffer accurately diagnoses the causes of the 2006 Republican defeat in Colorado. He also clearly explains how the primary reason for recent GOP shortcomings relates to the guiding factor weighing on his current decision whether to run for U.S. Senate in 2008. I sincerely hope that he finds the conditions right to throw his hat in the ring to replace Wayne Allard. I don't think the Colorado GOP could nominate a better candidate.

So if you haven't seen the episode, it's time to go watch it already. What are you waiting for?

I'd love to hear your feedback, especially as this blog begins to delve into the dynamics of the 2008 U.S. Senate election. As one who likes to discuss political matters in terms of real alternatives and likelihoods, let me first assert that the choice here is not between a Schaffer candidacy and an uncontested primary, for if Schaffer declines to run, it's almost certain someone else would fill the vacuum - for the right or wrong reasons. So let the debate begin, and let's keep it clean.

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