Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dems: Shilling for Union Bosses, Busting Colorado's Economy

A topic not broached on Colorado's left-of-center blogs (for obvious reasons) is the great Democrat payback of "narrow interest" groups - read labor unions - who helped to buy them their majorities (measuring in the millions of dollars). First case in point: House Bill 1072 on a fast track through the state legislature. What does HB 1072 do? It takes away workers' rights.

Yes, some - the House Republicans and their Golden Anvil Award & the Chamber of Commerce - have also pointed out the likely negative effect it will have on the state's business climate. But the more fundamental problem, as highlighted by the editors of the Rocky Mountain News, is that HB 1072 is a "blow to liberty."

Republicans and other pro-business and/or pro-liberty types who bought Bill Ritter's line during last year's election must be ready to rip out their hair at the Governor's repeated indications that he plans to sign the legislation.

In the interests of the people of Colorado? In the interests of union bosses who believe that coercion is the only way to compensate for declining membership, perhaps, but not the workers whose rights are being stepped on.

You know that Ritter isn't governing in a way "that serves all the people" when the Denver Post is screaming to kill HB 1072 because it's moving too quickly through the process.

I'm guessing in the end enough Democrats will come to their political senses to put this bad bill to bed, judging by the threats from the state's shocked and angered business interests:

Should Ritter sign the measure, some business leaders are discussing putting a right-to-work amendment on the November ballot that essentially erases the gains unions might achieve.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: union coercion & economic counter-development are what you get when the Democrats hold all the reins of government. I can't wait to hear about the inevitable tax increase.

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